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Easy Construction Estimates Calculator

What is Easy Construction Estimates Calculator?

A very simple and basic digital tool that makes your life so easy estimating your materials quantity. It was developed and programmed to give you access to different items that can be estimated with just an input of data like dimensions and areas.

What items can be Estimated in this tool?

Concrete Quantities

Rsb Quantities

Masonry and Plastering Quantities 

Scaffolding and Formworks Quantities 

Ceiling and Drywalls Quantities 

Roofing Quantities 

Plumbing Quantities 

Excavation and Backfill Quantities 

Tiles Quantities 

Painting Quantities

3 thoughts on “Easy Construction Estimates Calculator

  1. when i buy is this excel program already ?

  2. SIr,

    Bakit po ganun hindi na ako makapag update ng program ng ECE at Rough Estimate, at kapag pinipindot ko yung program nawawala na po siya. Pwede po ba ninyo ako tulungan sa program. Sayang naman po hindi ko siya magamit.

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